SF Oil Stays On-track with GPS Tracker

With the constant need for safety, security and efficiency in the field of logistics and hauling, we continue to find ways to make sure that we have the right tools and equipment to give our customers the best service they deserve. Because of this, we invested heavily 0n GPS Trackers to enhance the visibility of our trucks and drivers. GPS Trackers are a web-based tracking systems that utilize GPS, GPRS and Web Technologies.

The system tracks the exact location, speed, and status of each of our vehicles. It creates real-time reports that can be reviewed by the management. This helps us to improve our overall efficiency. It also sends out alerts if the truck is deviating from its designated route, effectively creating what we call in the business as geofences.

Oil Hauling Philippines
Oil Hauling Philippines

“Because the system gives us information on the speed and status of the trucks, we now are able to monitor our drivers’ behavior. We now know if they are overspeeding or reckless, thus, we can reprimand them immediately to prevent accidents and increase safety. We can also use the reports created by the system to review idle times, harsh breaking , harsh acceleration, and trip duration,” said safety officer Ricky Dalay. “The driver can also inform us if they are in trouble by pushing an ‘SOS’ button that alerts us immediately. We can also use the ‘engine immobilizer’ to disable the engine when the need arises.”

These precautions are all part of our total commitment to safety and security. Distress signals are simultaneously sent to all concerned staff members even if they are not logged in to the system, via SMS or email.

“We make sure our equipment and trucks are well maintained and in excellent condition. Aside from our team of highly experienced mechanics, we use our GPS Trackers’ Fleet Management System for preventive maintenance and ensure that every part of our trucks is in prime condition. It alerts us when it is time to change oil, tires, brake pads, and even when vehicle registration is nearing its expiration date,” adds Joseph Andrew Coronel, our President. “Even if we are not logged in the system, the system alerts us through SMS or email to make sure we don’t miss anything.”

Here at SF Oil, we are absolutely committed to providing the best for our clients. And we always make it a point to invest in the latest technology that will help us continue our efficient, safe and secure operations.

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