Formerly SFO Trading, SF Oil Inc. started out as a logistics company specializing in hauling sand products and quarrying materials. After 26 years of providing the best service in this field, we started expanding into the petroleum hauling business in 2009.

We started out with a single fuel truck. Today, we have built up our fleet into 22 world-class tanker trailers that haul almost all kinds of petroleum products from Diesel to JET A-1 fuel. We were able to form strong partnerships with various petroleum companies that allow us to provide the right kind of service that fits the needs of our clients.

Here at SF Oil, we understand the urgency and the high level of discipline and competency required in hauling valuable petroleum products. Our goal is to be the best and move your oil efficiently and responsibly. And not a drop less!

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We keep your oil safe and secure. Like our life depends on it.

We take pride in having the finest tools and equipment.

Elite, trustworthy and loyal. And yes, they're more like family than mere employees.


We aspire to be the most efficient and responsible movers of petroleum products.


With great efficiency in our operations, we will be able to provide our clients with the best service they deserve.

Major Suppliers

  • Transbilt Industrial Corp.
  • Transequip Enterprises
  • Man Automotive
  • Mercedez Benz

Major Customers

  • Petron Corporation
  • Safeair Corporation
  • Lubwell Corporation
  • PTT Philippines Trading Corporation
  • PTT Philippines Corporation
  • Tantuco Enterprises
  • San Miguel Corporation
  • South Sea Development Corporation (SSDC)